Snow Removal in Uxbridge

At Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd, we know that the types of properties in Uxbridge are as diverse as our weather patterns, which is why we’re happy to provide a wide array of snow removal services. With a fleet of specialized equipment and vehicles, our hardworking snow removal professionals are ready and willing to take on whatever the weather throws at you.

There are some things in life we simply cannot control, and the weather is one of those things. At Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd, we think that nobody should have to waste time and energy worrying about snow, which is why we promise you can trust us with your snow removal needs. Call us at (416) 410-9046 today!

Our Snow Removal Service Options

Effective snow removal and de-icing can be a multi-step process, depending on what kind of property you have and what kind of weather event you’re responding to. If you want an accurate assessment of what kind of snow removal you should be planning for, give is a call to talk to a member of our team.

Here are some kinds of snow removal and de-icing approaches you may need to consider:

Snow Plowing. Removing snow with a plow clears paths, sidewalks, parking lots, and other spaces of dangerous snow and ice. The efficiency of our plows means we have more time to service more of the people of Uxbridge and reduce the need for people to risk injuring themselves or losing time shoveling snow by hand.

Sidewalk Clearing. Sidewalks are often made of different material than other paved surfaces and need extra care and attention to make sure they’re safe for everyone—especially the elderly, or people suffering from mobility issues. Of course, in addition to attention to detail, sidewalks also need to be cleared quickly and efficiently. This balance is one we pride ourselves in having perfected at Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd.

Ice control. Don’t let ice get you down! Proper ice control may vary depending on the building material on your hardscape, the climate in your specific region, how water drains off of your property, and other factors. We’re ready to carefully analyze your specific needs and present a comprehensive ice control strategy that can serve you for years to come.

Salt and De-Icing. Making sure your property is safe requires the careful application of a mixture of salt, sand, calcium and brine which is formulated to suit your needs.

Snow Removal Pricing

Just like no one can completely predict the weather, no one can completely predict the details of which snow removal service you may need. Due to the nature of the work, it’s impossible to know exactly what you may need until a professional is on the ground at your property. For an estimate, contact Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd today and we’ll make an assessment based on our extensive experience and expertise.

Call Today for Local Snow Removal in Uxbridge

Snow and ice aren’t just inconvenient—they’re dangerous! To stop worrying about liabilities and lost productivity time, call today to trust the professionals.