Aeration in Uxbridge

At Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd, our technicians believe the most important thing you can do to your lawn is aeration. Lawns that receive regular aeration will be healthier, easier to maintain and have fewer pest or disease problems. Even better, repeated aerations over time will make your lawn resistant to heat and the risk of drought.

Our team takes pride in providing high-quality services to our clients, and as outdoor enthusiasts, we employ environmentally friendly approaches to each of our projects.

Our experts in Uxbridge offer lawn care and lawn fertilization services, lawn sprinkler systems installation and irrigation systems, outdoor landscape lighting, mosquito control services and drainage solutions.

Core Aeration for Healthier Lawns

Core aeration removes small, tubular-shaped pieces of soil from your lawn, giving air, moisture and fertilizer free access to your root system. Core aeration pulls plugs of soil from the ground, leaving them on the lawn surface where they'll gradually break down and decompose.

Soil surrounding the cut holes and the plugs left behind will collapse and fill in the holes. As nature takes its course and breaks up the cores, the soil filters back into the turf and the remaining thatch.

Increased air and water in the coring holes also helps to decompose the thatch while promoting deeper, healthier root growth. Call us today to set up a core aeration service so that your lawn can grow stronger.

Core Aeration for Improved Lawn Growth

In new spaces, the natural soil has been disturbed by the building process, leaving your lawn with soil that's more compact, higher in clay content and less desirable for healthy lawn growth.

These lawns need aeration to improve their depth and to improve fertilizer and water use.

Walking, playing and mowing are forms of traffic that compact soil and stress lawns––and while there may not be any visible symptoms of insect activity or disease, your lawn may seem a bit off-color, thin in some spots, or may exhibit signs of stress during high-temperature periods.

Lawns like this typically haven't been aerated in several years. If you notice thinning grass or dry, thick soil spots on your lawn, it may be time to consider Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd’s core aeration services.

The Best Team to Aerate Your Lawn

Spring and fall are ideal times to core aerate turf grass. Depending on your location and how intensely you use your lawn, in most cases, spring aeration should be done between March and May. Fall aeration is done in late summer and early fall, usually between August and November.

For a Yard Aerator in Uxbridge, Call Us Today!

Our proven lawn care program will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood, whether you own a commercial space or a residential home. Having strong roots in your grass will help keep your lawn lush and green.

Our lawn aeration experts provide you with quality core aeration at a low cost. Call us today at (416) 410-9046 to get started on your brand-new space.