Snow Removal in Toronto

Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd is pleased to offer Toronto snow removal services for a wide range of property types. Our fleet of specialized equipment and vehicles, and our hardworking snow removal professionals are ready to tackle whatever the weather throws at you. There’s no use getting stressed about stuff you can’t control, like the weather—and there’s no use stressing about some stuff you can control, like who you trust with your snow removal. Trust Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd today!

Snow Removal Types to Consider

There can be many steps to effective snow removal, depending on the specifics of your job. For a more accurate assessment of what kind of services you may benefit from, contact Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd today. Here’s a basic run-down of different kinds of snow removal and de-icing, services we provide:

Snow Plowing

Removing snow with a plow clears dangerous and obstructive snow and ice in a fraction of the time it would take to remove snow with a shovel. It can also prevent the kinds of injuries that are all too common in snowy areas—which send thousands of people to seek medical attention every year! Snow plowing can remove snow from private roads, driveways, parking lots, and other surfaces. Call us today for commercial snow plowing services!

Sidewalk Clearing

The removal of snow from sidewalks requires specific specialized care and attention. A properly cleared sidewalk needs to be safe for everyone who walks on it: from the most fit young person with proper winter boots, to the elderly and people with mobility issues. Striking the balance between a sidewalk that is cleared quickly and a sidewalk that is cleared thoroughly is a delicate science—and one that we at Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd pride ourselves on having perfected.

Ice Control

Even after a sidewalk or other area has been cleared of snow, it’s possible for ice to build up on the ground and cause slipping hazards and other problems. Ice can also cause many problems when it builds up in other places. Ice is sharp when it’s split and needs to be melted or disposed of properly to make sure no safety threat is posed to those who have to interact with your space.

Salt and De-Icing

Salting and deicing a surface can involve multiple products in addition to salt—like calcium, brine, and sand. This careful mixture of materials melts ice and creates an environment where ice is less likely to re-form, thus providing traction for people walking or driving on the surface.

Affordable Snow Removal Cost

The price of a snow removal service depends on the specific climate of your area, the quality of precipitation, and the layout of your space. For an accurate assessment of the price of a one-time or repeated snow removal service, we’d have to assess your property in-person. For an estimate, contact us at (416) 410-9046 and we’ll give you an approximation based on our expertise and experience.

Call Today for the Best Snow Removal Services!

If you’re ready to stop worrying about the dangers and inconveniences of snow and ice, give us a call to set up an assessment or an in-person visit from one of our professionals.