Snow Removal in Mississauga

Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd knows that the snow removal needs of the people in Mississauga are diverse, which is why we offer a diverse set of snow removal services. We have a fleet of specialized equipment and vehicles, and a crew of hardworking snow removal professionals ready to work for you. Life is stressful enough without having to worry about things you can’t control—like the weather! Let us help you make snow removal-related anxiety a thing of the past.

Snow Removal Made Easy with Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd

Effective clearing of snow and ice is necessary to protect families, visitors, and employees from the very real hazards of winter weather. Removing snow and ice completely is often a big task with lots of steps, which have to get done as quickly as possible so people can get on with their day! Some of the snow removal services you may need to consider are:

Snow plowing. Our local snow removal services can suit the needs of a wide variety of businesses, residences, and community spaces. If you want the snow out of there at a fraction of the time and energy it takes to remove it yourself, with all of the best and most cutting-edge heavy-duty equipment available, call us today and get the best snow removal services available in the Mississauga area.

Ice control. Once snow has been cleared away from a surface, sometimes the slipping hazard just gets worse as a layer of ice is revealed or forms. Ice is a hazard when it’s on a surface, and it’s also sharp once it splits, and needs to be disposed of properly so that it doesn’t present any additional risks. Too much ice layering up on your walkway? Call us today to set up an ice removal service!

Sidewalk clearing. Sidewalk clearing can be a tricky thing, as the landscape that a sidewalk is built on affects the water drainage and other factors. There’s also the fact that a sidewalk cleared for use by healthy young adults with no mobility issues, and a sidewalk cleared for children or the elderly, may have different specifications. We can tailor our service to suit your needs.

Salt and de-icing. Salting a surface isn’t just about the salt—some jobs also require calcium, brine, and sand applications. This mixture might be different depending on the kind of surfaces we’re dealing with and helps make sure ice doesn’t re-form into a slipping hazard again any quicker than it needs to!

The Price Point For Snow Removal

Since it’s impossible to completely and accurately predict the weather, our crew might not know all the details about your job until we’re on the ground, day-of! While that’s frustrating for budgeting purposes, if you contact one of our professionals at Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd, we can give you a soft estimate based on our expertise and experience.

Call Today for Snow Removal in Mississauga

Snow and ice are facts of life in Mississauga, but they don’t have to be dangerous, inconvenient profit-suckers. To set up an assessment, plan a one-time removal, or ask about our repeat services, contact Mr. Grass Landscaping Ltd at (416) 410-9046 today!